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The Project
Sol Bay


The story so far ->


Grog Team

If you don't know them, you're a monkey


Dark Cave

The darkest of the caves. Don't go there alone


Straw Hat Team

You can shake their Captain's hand from your island


Sol Peak

The source of a great power


Jack's Team

Don't trust them


Hell's Falls

So powerful it can kill you


Hook's Team

Don't bring your clock there


Mysterious Rocks

No ship can cross them!

More info on Sol Bay and its story will be revealed in due time! Meanwhile, you'd better watch your step... It's dangerous around here!

We imagined a virtual ecosystem where all the owners of Pirates of Sol Bay NFTs can make them interact with each other and with those owned by other players.

Once all 3 collections of NFTs are dropped (Treasures, Islands and Pirates), we will allow each player to 'load' their treasures on Islands on a dedicated website, where other players will be able to see them. Pirates, like Treasures, will be visible to all. As of now, we are still evaluating whether or not to create Boats - this decision will be taken with our community.

Once all NFTs are dropped, we will create an ecosystem in which it will be possible, following established rules, to conquer other Pirate's Treasures and raise the personal Score. This system will impact the fees amounts, which will be shared with our community in due course. For this reason, we will discuss these points with everyone and take collective decisions.

We're not going to lie: this is our first NFT based project - even though we have developed other IT strategies. We have faith in our dream and our skills, as well as in the great community we're going to foster (no landlubbers)!

We are aware that our dream is ambitious, but so it was to create this project from scratch, which we have accomplished. We believe in you, you believe in us, and together we will go far.

There's a young boy who's convinced he's going to be the pirate king one day... we're convinced we're going to be the NFTs kings! Weigh anchor!