$PoSB Doubloons

Our TOKEN is finally here!

In this page, you can claim your $PoSB passive income if you are an Island holder!

You can find all the info about our $PoSB Doubloon Token on our discord


To claim your token you have to own at least one Island NFT, and have it in your wallet during the wallet snapshot (21th of every month - 16:30 UTC). Monthly $PoSB claim will be possible until the 21th of the next month.

How to claim $PoSB Doubloons - May 2022


1. click on the following spreadsheet excel link:

PoSB Doubloons Airdrop May 2022


2. find your wallet address (in alphabetical order)

and click on the corresponding link

3. connect your wallet and follow the simple instructions.

Please note that the first claim will charge your wallet for some fees (approx 0.0033 Sol) then for the next claims you'll have lower fees (approx 0.0012 Sol)

Please contact us on Discord if you have any problems with the claim